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Sewing Lessons: Beginner Project- Eye Pillow (Part I) Prep work

In this video you will learn the basics of starting a beginner sewing project. The project featured in this video is an eye pillow. Eye pillows are filled with flax seed and essential dried herbs like lavender, spearmint, chamomile, etc.They are easy and fun to make and they make great gifts! You will learn how to piece the front of your eye pillow using strips of three different fabrics and how to choose the silky backing of your eye pillow so it goes on smooth and relaxing over your eyelids. This video takes you from choosing your cotton fabrics to prepping your strips for sewing. Watch Part II to learn how to sew your eye pillow together, how to fill it with your herbs, flax seed, rice, etc., and also how to finish it off with a simple hand stitching technique known as a whip stitch.

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