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Sewing Machine Problems: The Most Common Issues

"Up to 85% of sewing machine repairs are avoidable and simple things. In this video we try to break down the most common issues we see with machines that come in for repair including their causes and ways to avoid them. Please leave any questions in the comments. Thanks For Watching & Hope This Helps!"


0:21 - Spool Pins
0:59 - Stacked v.s. Cross Wound Thread
1:34 - Spool Caps
3:34 - Spool Stand
4:29 - Spool Cones / Spacers
4:58 - Thread Quality
5:40 - Upper Tension
7:19 - Presser Foot Position & How It Relates To Tension
8:03 - How To Check If You Have Top Tension
9:39 - Too Little Tension
11:09 - Too Much Tension
12:39 - Loops On The Bottom (Missing The Take-Up Lever)
13:31 - Un-jamming Machine & Hook Care
15:44 - Front Loading v.s. Top Loading (Drop-In)
17:03 - Bobbin Case (Tension, Threading, Etc.)
18:10 - Bobbin Direction
20:25 - Bobbins
21:45 - Be Sure To Sink Your Needle
22:14 - Be Sure To Hold Your Thread Tails
23:45 - Machine Making Sound But Not Running
24:44 - Machine Not Feeding Material
25:20 - Machine Not Releasing Material
25:50 - Best Settings For Dialing In Tension

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Sewing Machine Repair – Common problems with stitches, threading, tension and bobbins!

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Comment by K Huber on March 17, 2017 at 8:04pm

thanks, great video!

Comment by Joyce Neyr on March 11, 2017 at 9:20pm

I like the video, but it needs more light going over your shoulder to actually "see" some of the parts of the machine that you hold in your hand. Otherwise, it was a great video. Thank you

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