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Would like feedback. I am interested in quiting. Just picked up a few books from the library. I am also a novice sewer that has made a couple of items in the past few months. I have NO quilting experience.

What's the best way--in your opinion to learn quilting? Thanks.

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My suggestion is to take a beginner quilting class (if you have the possibility near you). The reason I say that is that I was an experienced sewer and had watched my mother & grandmother make quilts when I was young so I had a good idea on how to quilt. I decided to make a quilt (rail fence) that I saw in a book. I was able to do it but when I was sewing the blocks together it was painful to get things to match as not all blocks were the same size and even one end of the quilt was wider than the other so adding the borders was not easy. It still turned out great. But a couple of years later I took a beginner class and learned little tricks and got tips on how to piece and assemble quilts. Also, it was a lap size quilt and we were able to actually finish it so I learned how to pin baste it and even how to machine quilt it using the walking foot, and to put on the binding. I had done everything before on my own, but it was the tips and tricks that I learned that has made quilting so much easier and results in me finishing all my quilts.
I think the best way is to learn with an open mind, and a positive attitude. Skill comes in time and much easier if you think positive and keep it simple.
As previously suggested take your Quilting 101 class. Don't buy alot of material until you are sure what you like to do. Buy a quilting magazine and follow a simple pattern (with their colour suggestion) until you develope your own style and colour. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone for all of your feedback :-)
UPDATE A YEAR LATER: Hello. I've been on the site several times, but forgot that I did this post. Just a brief update. I signed up for 2 beginning quilt classes earlier this year-at the same fabric shop, taught by different instructors. I made sure that both were beginning by actually emailing the instructors and talking the the shop's education director (the person that schedules all of the sewing classes at this place). One was Log cabin quilt, the other was called Modern quilting 101. The first class was very good: patient instructor, detailed, and explained things well. The latter class (for me) was awful. Instructor was condescending, insulted in front of class more than once. She had blended our class in with another (which after I reported it found out that she wasn't suppose to do it), so only certain ones (those that she had known from previous classes and experienced quilters) got all of the attention.

The shop gave me a gift certificate because I told them (it was a two session class--two sundays), that I wasn't going back to the second part.

So, I took some classes last week at the Original Sewing expo (see blog at and purchased a few beginner's books this week (after carefully reading reviews on amazon, etc). Thanks for your help.


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