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Ok in all the time I have sewed. I have done zippers but I never did a button h***. I have a 32 year old machine that still works well but although it has the button h*** stitch on the dial, there is no fancy computerized auto stitch. It has to be done manually. So my question is does anyone have any suggestions about how to do this? I am about to embark on a trial and error episode of making many button holes till I get it right. I thought I just might ask the wizards of sewing if they had any good tips, or am I all alone in my project. I have a jacket done that I have done everything but the buttons. I could be lazy and go for hooks or snaps but I figure oh what the heck lets try it. I did buy the hooks too in case I loose my battle.

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I only make my buttonholes with a vintage singer buttonhole attachment, I have had the fancy machine one touch buttonhole I dont trust them. I will try and sent you a picture of the attachment. It should work on your machine and you can pick the button attachment up at thrift store for cheap. You need to find out if your machine is a low, high, or slant shank machine then buy the right buttonhole attachment for the shank.


That looks like something I might look for. Thanks. I did get a Janome recently. I still had issues with the button h*** but mostly I guess cause i didnt measure right.
the cam on the buttonhole attachment make perfect buttonhole everytime. Just put the cam in the attachment that is the size of the button and let the machine do the work for you. Let me know if you need any help with the attachment. What brand is your old machine? I may have one that fits it.

It is an old dial and sew. There is no button foot. There is just a dial to change the feed dogs based on your measurements. I didnt measure well. I havent tried one on the Janome yet.


you can use one on that machine.

 i have a singer fetherweight that belonged to mom. she has a botton holler that lookes loike that one but no directions for it how do i atatch and use it properly? can anyone help me......


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