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Since I am a complete sewing novice, I am trying to start with a simple project to practice sewing. I want to be able to sew my own winter coat but for now, I am starting with a simple Duvet cover. 


I am torn between these four combinations! I would love to take a vote on what catches your fancy the best!! Please rank these to help me out! I don't want to make 4 duvet covers! Thanks for all your time!


Owls and butterflies
















Owls and flowers

















Owls and Stripes

















Flowers and Stripes

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Owls & Butterflies or Owls & Stripes, best wishes with your project :-))
I too , picked the same combos but if you used the flowers, I would say plain not stripes.

I really like the owl and stripes.  They could be fun.  Are you mixing these both on the front or will you have one on the front and one on the back.


What is your plan?  Will you be using a zipper at the end to get the comforter in easily?




Oh - this is so much fun! Thanks so much, fellow-sewers! :-)


Karen, I am planning on using one for the front and one for the back. I figured I would go in for a fun reversible design that can bring life and a bit of spring this bleak winter - and change the feel of the room depending on whether its night or day.


I haven't really thought about the zipper part. I was thinking that I would leave the middle third of one end of the cover open and attach/stitch in some green/yellow (matching the design) broad satin ribbons to secure the sides once the comforter is in... What do you think?


All the fabric designs I posted are from the fabric dot com website in the flannel section by designer called Michael Miller. I am not sure whether they are okay for duvet covers though - do you think I need to go in for more heavyweight fabrics?



 I used regular quality cotton fabric prints for my two duvets and they worked out well.

green fabric is - brain cramp but from Hawthorne's Fabric

printed fabric from spoonflower - I don't care for their cotton fabric at all and had some issues with it. I hope they upgrade soon as their prices are high for inferior cotton. Love their designs however.


owls and stripes :)

I love the owls and butterflies. I made my first duvets a few months ago. They were for two children. One was a toddler size and the other a custom size.


That butterfly fabric is awesome too. Do you plan to use any embellishments?


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