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At the last Sewing Machine Convention I attended, I heard several dealers stating that they no longer repair low end Sewing Machines from the "box stores". They tell their customer they are a throw away machine and not worth repairing. This is not the first time I have heard dealers say this. The dealers feel the machines are not worth fixing because they simply knock out of time too easily and they don't want to back up the service they do on them. I feel bad for people purchasing these machines, many "box stores" will not let them return a machine and tell them to bring it to a warranty store. Timing is not covered under warranty. If you are thinking about purchasing a new sewing machine please purchase one from a dealer in your area. Dealers back up what they sell and they will sell better quality because their reputations are on the line.

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Yep, a low price is NOT always a good deal!


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