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I know this probably seems like a very basic question, but I'm a quilting novice and I need some advice. When I come to the end of my thread as I'm hand quilting, how do I tie off the thread in a way that doesn't leave knots on the back side of the quilt? I've been trying to hide the knot as I start a section of thread by inserting the needle between two layers and burying the knot between the top and backing. But I have no clue how to hide it when I finish a section of thread. Is it even possible?

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I wish I could help you. Maybe posting a comment will get you noticed for that question. Noticed by someone that can answer it. Good luck
Thanks, Patricia!
You can hide the knot in the same manner. I tie a knot in the thread as close to the top of the fabric, with an overhand knot. Then, Pull ever so gently, till the knot is between the layers. You can then bury a tail, and cut what comes up top of fashion fabric off. I hope this isn't like mud. Try it a few times. The larger the knot, the harder it is to pull thro the top fabric. It will POP.

Thanks so much, Linda! This helps!


Yes..its is possible to hide the finishing knot..  its very similar to the original starting knot...just in reverse...make a small knot by wrapping the thread twice around the needle close to the point and stick your needle into the next stitch - use your index finger on the other hand to hold the wraps close to the quilt top.. instead of going thru the backing, bring the needle back up thru the batting to the top and come out at least 2 inches away from the line of stitching..tug to pop the little knot inside.. pull on your remaining thread so that it is taut and CAREFULLY clip as close as you can to the top..this will leave the tail buried. Occasionally, you might need to use the needle to sweep the end under..

Hope this helps..

Awesome, Suze! Thank you so much for the detailed description. I'm gonna give it a try!
I am so bad at following written directions and find that if I look at You-tube there is often a video clip with the answer I am seeking.  I'd give that a try!  Surely someone has done this! 
In the old day, when I was a young woman and quilting with the 'experts', we didn't make and ending knot.  We -- whipped several tiny stitches in the same place, then, sent the needle between the layers (not through to the bottom) for an inch; and cut the thread close to the quilt.  I have always done mine this way and they have never come undone.  Hope this helps.

I have to agree with  Keryy [above]... My Aunt taught  me everything about sewing and embroidery. ALL backs of my work had to look as nice as the front.  NO KNOTS!!

I always back-sew a few stitches at the start and end to bury my thread ends, and ensure they are around a previous stitch or two for extra holding power.  No problems.

Good Luck.

Brenda in Oshawa, Ontario


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