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I was looking up one of my patterns on my computer and came across this one that you guys might like! haven't tried this one yet, but it looks to be pretty simple and super cute. You could easily add your own touches and details like ribbon or lace etc.... I picked it up somewhere on the web last year and thought it was such a great idea.
(It's a PDF and I think all I can do is attach the file)

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fyi, I forgot to attach the actually pattern. It's up now, thanks to Eileen : )
Oh Susan! I just saw that you added it here before I did! Thanks!!
Birdie, this is great; just what my daughter-in-law needs ---her grandkids are like stairsteps! You know, it could be enlarged for an older baby as a sleep shirt or just a quick T-shirt. We 've got a 1 yr old boy in the family and this would be great for Daddy's old T's.
I could reduce it and use it for my Angel Baby layettes( preemies and micro- premies)
What a great idea to use this as preemie clothes!! If you ever try it I'd love to see a pic : )
This is a great tutorial, thanks for sharing!
Wow this is great. I can't wait to pull out all my old band shirts that have been shrinking through the years ;) Wonderful idea. Cheap and ADORABLE!!!!
He's positively dreamy!!! I agree about the gown thing. 2 a.m. and a dimly lit room isn't compatible with a jumper. LOL


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