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How do you keep your fabric organized? I have rubbermaid tubs, bags, shelves, piles. Once I started a database of all my fabric (amount, type, colour, possible useds) but quickly gave up.

I'm looking for creative (and easy) ideas!

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Boy I think you just asked the million dollar question...I hope someone has an answer, because I'm sure we're not the only needing help with this.
I suspect this is why no one else has replied! At any rate, I think the only way to stay organized is to either not have too much fabric (ha ha ha, where's the fun in that?) or have a great deal of room. I fail in both respects. Welcome to the group!
Boy, right now my new bonus (small) room for sewing is being painted and I'm trying to figure out what to do with all the material and etc. How to organize the whole room.
WELL that is not any easy one. I have an old china display cabinet. I folded and put fabric in that until it wouldn't hold anymore. It has a glass door so I can see at a glance what is in there. I then have fabric stacked in baskets( these usually hold similar project fabrics. Then I have other fabric(usually upholstery fabric) on the original bolts and they stand up in the closet. It's not perfect but it works quite well for what I have. I went to a Tuesday Morning store this morning and they have a special for $19.99 for organizing bunches of smaller things(like ribbons, paper, scissors, etc). This doesn't help with fabric but it surely helps with smalls.
If I had an easy answer for this question, I would be using it. As of now, my "stash" is all over the place - in bags, totes, and anything else it would fit in. I am always looking for great, EASY ideas.

Well, I hit a thrift store yesterday and found a four shelf unit that is about 8' long and fits
right into the space where my roof goes down. And the good thing is its sturdy and I only paid 30.00 for it. I will paint it today, raspberry color, the same as my one wall accross from it. I am taking pictures as I go along...and once I get this room situated the way I want it...then I'll put them online with the other sewing rooms site. I can hardly wait to
get my material out of these boxes and onto that shelf. I've changed my ideas for this sewing room at least three, four times. haha
I would love to view the sewing rooms site so I can get some ideas on what to do with mine. I am moving all my sewing/crafts from a small bedroom upstairs into our den downstairs and moving the den into a smaller spare bedroom downstairs as my old friend and buddy Arther Itis has taken up permanent residence in my knees and upper back and his sister Burside itis lives in my shoulder joints I think. So hubby graceously suggested this move and he and grandkids have moved everything downstairs for me. Down side??? They put EVERYTHING into boxes, bags, baskets all mixed up together and put them haphazerdly into the old den and now I have the wonderful luxary of going through all this....disarray...and separateing crafts from fabric, beads from polymer clay, and fabric paints from clay paints etc. I need all the suggestions and picture examples I can find. Please point me in the direction of the sewing room site. Thanks a tired Granny Fanny
When I get my studio cleaned up I will post some pictures. I have lovely shelves that my husband built, as well as a fabulous folding cutting table. I love my studio. I just wish I could spend more time in it. Good luck with the sorting Granny Fanny. Sounds like fun.
Hi, boy it looks like you have work ahead as I do. Just ut my newly painted used shelf in my sewing room and it interferes with the plugins, so have to put wood under the sides and middle to bring it up yet. Anyway, I just go to search and type in sewing rooms and theres a whole site of peoples pictures. It's awesome.
I just found it Enjoy
Hey, Cheryl, I lost how to get on this site and just now found "you" back. I tried the site you sent me. but nothing would come
up just the this site is unavailable. Is it still valid, did I make a mistake in coping the addy or has the site moved? I am still wanting help on organizing a sewing room. I have accomplished so little between sewing and seem to actually have a bigger mess must be the "not me ghost"!! hee hee Granny Fanny
Granny Fanny, I found the page & am posting the link here:
Hope this works.
I like the colour theme idea. It seems to speak to why we collect fabric (the colour, feel, pattern, texture).

One idea I've had for a while (but haven't put into action yet) is to have plastic sleeves on my rubbermaid tubs. Each sleeve would contain a detailed list of what is inside. It would also be labeled in a general way (eg, fleece and winter weight fabrics). I really want to do this (any excuse to look at everything) but it will take some time to do. I have so little time that mostly I prefer to spend it sewing.


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