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Iam addicted to fabric - anything from curtain fabric - sheeting - dress fabrics - fancy fabrics
I have been collecting for years - convincing myself it will come in useful and if it's a bargain price i just have to buy it
I bought some of it to make baby clothes for my son and never got around to it - he is 40 years old this year !!!
I have 2 large wardrobes full from top to bottom - plus5 7ft long shelves - plus7 unused rolls - is this a record
Against my better judgement Iam going to start listing it on ebay - not because I want to but because we are moving to France in a couple of years and HE won't let me take it with me

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Oh Gabriele, I see my future in you! Well, HE won't let you take it to France but just think of what you can buy there to replace it!

Anyways, welcome to the group. You should post pictures of your stash. I would love to see it before it dwindles.
Fabric, I got so much ,,was directly told no more use some up... Yeah right lol
I got it stashed everywhere in totes, closets, And as of Monday i get a whole big empty bedroom to put some in..Son's moving out,. I'll claim the room,,Sure will be hard to get it all in one room but I get everything in there fabric wise, I can buy some more as all the spring prices will be in effect at the local fab shop...
Welcome to the group you'll love it here
I have been collecting (with good intentions for use) for MANY years now. Hubbie gets upset because when I go into a fabric store, I can spend hours and usually buy something to add to my collection. After I buy them, they are so pretty, I hate to cut them up. I have managed to curb my spending a little - no big stores in our town. But, I do want to open one so I can feed other people's fabric addition as well as my own. AS for our daughter, she will turn 16 next month and I also still have lots of fabric just for her.
Gabriele - I bet there are plenty of places in France to get more fabric. Wow, won't that be an adventure!
oh, hello heaven!
i thought i was the only "fabric whore"....LOL
i have 2 closets full of rolls, countless bags and plastic boxes....Few times i even spent few days trying to separate and organize it all (by weight, purpose, color, who knows)..but it's all goes away when i actually need to find some fabric to make something! And i keep buying more and hiding it from my Hubby ...i took over 1 big room in a house with all my sewing-knitting (yea, you can add me to a yarn addict too!)-embroidery things that "I just need to have it out for now"!!
Yea....and i work full time and have, you can imagine why i can't have people over!

glad i found people who can understand!!

I have never heard the phrase "fabric whore" but it does fit. I am also a yarn addict, cross stitch addict, crafting of any kind addict. I have also taken over the house and an older house also. We moved into an newer house and left the older standing. It was great storage until the floors fell through. Oh well. Another collector!

Hi, I have the same addiction as I'm sure a lot of us sewers do. I had to downsize, so have gone thru some fabric so far and sold it on craigslist. Check it and is listed up to 45 days. I now have to go thru another bunch and sort by colors for quilting, hats, pillows and clothing and the rest goes. Its a hard thing to get rid of beauty. Good luck! Cheryl
Geez, do I understand fabric stash and not wanting to get rid of any of it. My mother has been dead for almost 60 yrs. and I still have a couple pieces of her fabric ( of course I just can't force myself to cut into it, too sentimental).

I have found EBAY this last couple of weeks for fabric and have been having more fun with that. Just think, we can add to our obsession without leaving the house!!!!
Yes, I have just sold 29 hats on ebay and am now trying to sell purses, then vintage shoes, jewelry and on and on. I have just collected too much stuff, now to clean house. haha! Yes it is hard to get rid of alot of it, but just don't have the room anymore, no choice.
Can we get your ebay URL? I'd love to see some of your stuff, there!
I have been able to pick up some very nice material at stash sales. Individuals have had a "garage sale" where there only thing for sale is fabric from their stash. Non Profit Organizations (such as the American Sewing Guild) have also accepted donated fabric and then sold it as a fund-raiser.

If you have fabric that is too hard to part with, but you need to get rid of some of it, you might consider donating it to a non-profit group to use in their community service sewing - for Hospitals, Cancer Services, Nursing Homes, Project Linus (blankets for children in trauma or crisis), etc.
was wondering if i can post a picture of fabric i am trying to find have been checking ebay but there are over 1400 pages and i am not even on 300 geez
Go ahead Sharon! I see now why you were excited by that video of the stash!


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