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Iam addicted to fabric - anything from curtain fabric - sheeting - dress fabrics - fancy fabrics
I have been collecting for years - convincing myself it will come in useful and if it's a bargain price i just have to buy it
I bought some of it to make baby clothes for my son and never got around to it - he is 40 years old this year !!!
I have 2 large wardrobes full from top to bottom - plus5 7ft long shelves - plus7 unused rolls - is this a record
Against my better judgement Iam going to start listing it on ebay - not because I want to but because we are moving to France in a couple of years and HE won't let me take it with me

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I am also addicted to fabric, I have it in plastic bins. The funny thing is, I know exactly what I have in those bins. Everywhere I go, I have to visit the fabric store. Walmart does have some pretty nice dollar fabric. I am glad that I am not the only one that loves fabric. I love making jackets out of the scarves.
I can relate to the need to visit fabric stores in every new place. I just came back from vacation with 8 new pieces of fabric, two patterns and some bra-cup underwires.
im just starting to collect fabric!! i have some small squares of " made to look like" vintage feed sack patterns, a few yards of a alien pattern id like to make my son some pants with. im more looking for real vintage fabrics, but they are hard to find and if i do see them, they are very discolored/stained. my fave patterns are cowboy and space themes!!! i really love the look of vintage kids fabrics!!! i havent made anything yet as im afraid to ruin good fabric before im good enough to sew something that wont look horrible!!!
I haven't sewn a whole lot of things but I am also a fabric addict. All kinds. my hubby says "you better get at sewing something before we run out of room!" The really bad thing is is we live in a very small house and it has two bedrooms, kitchen,bath and porch. We have two girls in bedroom # 1, ours is bedroom#2, and 2 miniature doberman pinscher dogs that sleep on the back porch. Needless to say i have fabric in 3 of those 3 drawer plastic stands and 4 or 5 trash bags full! I keep having all kinds of ideas but can't think of which one I want to start on! Tell me ladies am i horrible or what! (laughing so hard tears are on my cheeks!)
Well, I don't think you are horrible at all! I sew things quite often, but that doesn't seem to decrease the stash at all. Maybe that's because I just keep buying more. I bought a bunch today from a nearby fabric store that is closing. I just can't seem to help myself. My sister is the same way with yarn, so maybe it's genetic. Yeah, I think I will blame it on that!
I am at that stage too, have an actual small sewing room and part of my fabric is in front of me, but have so many things I want to do, I get overwhelmed and don't do anything. Yesterday, I forced myself to go in that sewing room and make up one of those ideas, a small purse, first one, my own pattern, simple, but for some reason the feeling wasn't there of creating, it was of having to do something. I am definitely out of sinc.
You aren't horrible. Just a fabric junkie. I think all of us, that sew/quilt/create, are fabric junkies of some sort. You need a few more 3 drawer units and stack them, maybe those trash bags till begin to go away. Good luck.
I can sympanthize with you about the baby fabric, i have some really cute ones that are either baby type or childrens type fabric, all of my friends we are around the same age our kids are now adult, i dont have grandkids, at least i hope i dont, lol.

At 50 now, which i have a hard time dealing with im not ready to be called grandma, i feel old enough as it is. But its like what do we do with the fabric, i have arthritis and fibromyalgia really bad, and its so hard for me to carry things. Even a can of peas can make me drop it real easy. I would love to give it to someone with children who will use it. I dont wish to see it go to waste.

It is really hard for me to ever part with mine, i have a tendency to collect lots of things like the fabric i think it is a security thing for me. I have had times when i had nothing, it was taken from me, and i dont want to go without like that again.

you should see how much cross stitch things i have or crochet. I did go through something very hard recently, i was in a bad car accident and my cross stitch thread was in the back seat, i was able to get one out. But i had it in two containers. My mom went to the place where they kept the car cause it was totaled. My mental state was so bad i couldnt even get out of her rental to help get things out of the car, i started crying again. Reliving the accident.

So i thought she had gotten all of my things out and she didnt, my mom doesnt understand our love of crafts like you and i do, so to her it didnt mean anything. My stuff i have collected for many years. Somethings i cannot replace.

Then i also have some fabric i inherited from my grandmothers stash, which i have inherited the love of sewing and needlework from. I have given alot away, but i feel it multiples overnight while i sleep.

What is harder for me now, is to divide the stashes into three groups. One for fabric to save for us to use in "our home" whenever we get one. Second one for a business im starting, third for misc sewing or crafts i plan to do.

The most type of fabric i possess is panels like we would use to make a bedspread or blanket, or wallhanging, etc. The others are prob less than 3 yds. And as far as clothes go we know that there's not much we can make with that, i am plus size so we won't even go there. lol.

Right now i have a 6ft tall pantry my grandfather made my grandmother that i recycled into a fabric pantry with the door off to see all the pretty colors, it is painted a very pale yellow so its easy to go with most decors.

I have now considered recycling clothes for projects, since most fabric is ridiculously too high. Although at walmart i got 5 yds of really good quality deep plum color knit fabric to make at least a top out of.

I did sell something the other day but the money is now in the business pouch for purchases for the business. I am trying to be good.

Adjusts her halo....

I have been working on my stash, I have been making things for my grandchildren and also making items and selling them on Etsy. I even keep my scraps. I am making a quilt trying to use up some of the bags of scraps I have. I always say that after this bag I will throw it out but then when I finish the quilt or jacket I still have a bag of scraps and it seems like the more I take out of the bag the bigger the bag gets.
Wow Stormy, your good and keep up the good work! It is my fantasy to start creating out of my scraps also, just need to take the time and see what I get.
i love the "HE". funny. i am thinking this fabric thing is hereditary? from my grandma, to my mom, to me. i think i even have some of my grandma's things,- and she passed away in 1976. when i began sewing, my mom passed them to me! it is really fun looking at the old buttons.
let me know when your fabric hits ebay ;)
France has some great can start over. Then when you get there, or even now, start a "coin jar" to save money so that you can ship it back home if or when you ever move back. Then you won't have to give it up again. brenda


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