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Reliable sources for high-quality heavy-weight warm wool fabric?

Hi, I would like to sew the vintage winter coat below from scratch. I saw it at a store in NYC and really liked it. I don't really have any experience with serious sewing but I am hoping to learn on the way. I have been told that this coat is not a particularly easy design for a beginner but I'd like to give it a try anyway and have some fun making something creative. 

So, I have a couple of questions for all the fabric enthusiasts on this forum. What kind of fabric should I be looking for? I need this coat to be really warm and toasty during snowy winters. I am guessing some kind of a heavy warm woolen fabric that is not too stiff and has the ability to flow.  I have no idea where to get this online. Any advice on where I should be looking and what kinds of fabric I should be looking for would be most welcome.

Also, how much fabric should I be getting if I need this coat to fit a size 2-4 petite frame, with the coat coming up to the knees or even midway between the knees and the ankle. 


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I would try Fabric Mart. I think they are having a sale on wool! Fabric Mart is also a SWN sponsor.
Thanks! I will check them out. Any particular wool fabric recommendations from that site? How much fabric do you think I would need for this coat?

I would seek out an organization for sewing enthusiast.  Most of these members have all kinds of expertise and you will have one on one help. I do not know where you live but try the American Sewing Guild.  They are a National organization and to the best of my knowledge they have a chapter in every state.  Good Luck

You said that you wanted warmth from this coat.  Please review the collar / neckline.  When the wind blows your neck is wide open.


I never thought about that neckline! Thanks so much for pointing that out! I will keep that in mind when I finally get around to making this coat someday...
TinyPliny, I would first scout the pattern books for a pattern that is similar. The pattern will give you a very good idea of how much fabric you need. I'm guessing around 3 yards.

Simplicity 2810 has a more rounded collar area than most coats. You would obviously need to lengthen it. You might end up having to combine a couple patterns to get all the design features you are looking for.

Fabric Mart is good place to check for fabrics. If you are looking for really high quality fabric, check out It is almost like heaven for fabric addicts. And, you can call them and Michael will be help you pick out something and send you samples. Great place!

For the trim and buttons, check out MJ Trimmings. It, too, is a SWN sponsor.

Good luck. And, keep us posted!

Hi Gloria,

Thanks very much for your detailed answer! It helps a lot. I am slowly working through beginner books for sewing and learning what patterns are and how they are incorporated into sewing projects. It's very exciting but almost like a completely new world that I need to learn the ropes of... I will be posting more questions for you all as I get further along this (rather daunting) project!


I am going to be checking out all the resources you have recommended now.

TinyPliny, ask all the questions you have. Everyone here is very helpful and willing to share their knowledge. 


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