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I am new to this group...

...and admit freely to having a fabric/yarn/lace/notions/all things needle-artist related addiction.

However, when I purchased each and every item in the stash – it was because I loved it! 

Each item had color or lines or a tactile sense or other attribute that called my name and persuaded me that I needed it!  I was easily convinced that with that one (or two, or six) items, I could create the perfect _________ (dress, skirt, quilt, purse, sweater, pillow….)___________.


I have had garage sales, made donations to charitable organizations, gifted, gifted and gifted …. and yet the stash persists and mysteriously appears to be increasing!  (I am fairly certain it is self-replicating!)

It has grown into a Stashasaurus!

I have decided to use it.  I have created purses, dresses, skirts, blouses, quilts and bags... all part of the Destashification Project .

Anyone else on such a mission?

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Phew!! I'm not the only one with this addiction!!!!!!!

I simply can not go into a fabric store for "just a quick look". Nope, I have to see, feel, think and decide if I really NEED the items and even then I've been known to purchase it without the need factor! Yikes, I have quite a large stash going on but I too have a wide variety of projects going on all at once.

My goal is to get my business off the ground but first I have to stop sewing things for gifts and giveaways!! Current projects I'm working on; a kee kee (small quilt) for my 2 year old grandson, camo shorts and shirt for him also, four large totes & make-up bags (they were my girls Easter Baskets but I'm still finishing them) made with hard to use Coach fabric, a baby dress and matching big sister dress for a friend, several handbags, and floral embellished hair accessories. Yes, I do have all of these started and work on whichever one suits me for the day...just a result of my ADD, can't stay on one task. But i love, love, love to create so this is what I do whenever i get the chance. See, I really do NEED all this stuff around to be able to complete my projects!!    



I am working on my own destashification as well, but still have much fabric to sew my way though.  I'm doing some charity quilting and sewing as well as some sewing for my family, so that helps a little.  Good to know there are others who have similar problems when they walk in to a fabric store...
I am right there with this affliction.  I have been told by my hubby that if I bring in one more thing; I have to find somewhere else to live.  However I did find a great buy on a bolt of camo corduroy and could not pass it up.  I am pleased to say that I am still here.  I think he really approved of that buy since it is already commited to a shirt and jacket for him.


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