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Do you love sturdy crisp cottons?  Winter fleece?  Twill?  Bamboo?  Canvas?  Knits?  Rayon?  Linen?  Pique?  Satin?  Silk?  Microfiber?  Oilcloth?  Minky?  Lycra?  Spandex?  Organza?  Polycotton?  


What do you love to sew with, and why?  



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I tried sewing some of that beautiful silky super-stretchy performance sports wear fabric,....  it was gorgeous and it ended up thrown in the corner, and then sent to my mother to finish.  *sigh*  Wish I had the patience too.
Me too!  I have tried to sew chiffon and it was awful but I didn't have the time to be patient and learn so I think I will try it again.  I have sewn with a lot of fancy fabrics, laces, taffetas, satin, velvets and the ones that drive me the most crazy are the ones that shift a lot.  They have to be pinned like crazy to hold shape and place!  But I like a challenge!  haha  But I do like to switch to more stable fabrics like cotton to change it up!
You are so right about that slippery stuff, and add super slinky knits to that list!

Favorite fabric to sew with?

Whatever fabric is selected for the next project. 

Seems as soon as I get about half done with one project, I am yearning to use my "new favorite" fabric to start a new one!


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