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I like knits - yes, I'm crazy.  and.... I did recently get into quite a big fight with some really beautiful performance wear.  Probably ruined it.  I had to send it off to Mom so she could salvage it.  

I also like polar fleece.

How about you?

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I would have to say cotton blends.....only because I'm too chicken to wrestle with anything else. I like fleece too, but I never know what to do with it.
Fleece of course is more of a winter fabric, but I have 5 kids with 4 of them in competitive sports, so there are a lot of sweat pants flying around this house lol!

Sweatshirts can be excellent pieces to repurpose and upcycle. My youngest boy is 8. He recently made a small throw pillow for his bed, out of his favorite yet too small sweatshirt. I helped him cut it out etc, helped him with the machine, but he did most of the work. He loves his GAP Hockey pillow!

Check out Patricia McClain Osborne's fleece scarves. Good idea there too. The Snugglet has also been a very popular project using fleece. There's a free pattern available.

Here's a good video series on making fleece pants:

I love cotton quilted fabrics, I am a tote bag lady
You certainly do make some gorgeous bags Patricia!


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