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Sent in by Ruth:

"I have been looking for a pattern for a clown doll, about 18" or so high. The arms and legs are made with clothes pins (not the spring ones, the old fashioned ones) and they can be posed in many positions. There is a pattern with it for costume and hat. The head is made of a wooden ball. I THINK it might be McCall pattern, but unable to find it. Can't remember the feet, tho. Lots of fun, as they can be in any crazy position, sit on a shelf, flop on a couch, etc."

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I think I found it , maybe. Is it Mccall's pattern #5461 " Circus Memories" ? If this is it here's a link where to buy it: and it is $6.99
Here's a picture of the pattern, I hope this is it:


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