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Does anyone have the dimensions of the My Twinn dolls? My niece wants a matching nightie for her doll. I cannot find any information about these dolls. Are they the same size as an American Girl doll? Thanks for any help! :o)

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I saw this board, they have alot of pattern sizing info and also measurement info. from what I have read my twinn is around 24in tall compared to 18in AGD
hope that helps
Thanks so much! The link is a huge help! :o)
Hi Larri!
Did you ever find measurements for the MY Twinn dolls? I have 2 of them and can give you a pretty complete set if you haven't found anything.
I didn't see your post till now; I was really tied up in DEc and then my system crashed in Jan and I am just now getting back to all my groups and things.
These dolls are fun to sew for since they're larger;akmost like sewing for a small child.
My Twinn doll is about 22 to 23 inhes tall...I have 2 I got on ebay to use to make clothing and then will be giving them to my granddaughters...I can give you more measurements  if you need them...Also Morrisy doll has patterns for clothing for them and also many more patterns for other dolls


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