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Hi, My name is Evadney
Can anyone help me with a clothing dilemma. I have a blouse made out of a silky fabric and it always slide back at the shoulders and I have to keep pulling it forward.  Can you give me any suggestions on how to make it stay in place?

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I wonder if a small strip of non-skid material stitched to the inside of the top sholder seam might help?

Evadney - You might try inserting a small safety pin into the should seam (carefully, so it won't show on the outside) and then attach through your bra straps.  Another possibility, would be to attach a small length of ribbon that has snaps on each end, bring this around your bra straps, and then snap together (although this could slide on your bra straps).

I would quess that the BACK side of the blouse has too much fabric in the shoulder area, and would be difficult to alter, if it has a collar attached.


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