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Eerika Valkonen of "Rag Pets" shares her technique for making perfect corners. This method involves no clipping of corners, and no snipping of seam allowances. She also provides a great video to demonstrate her method.  


Eerika says "the best thing about making corners like this is that they are strong and durable because there's no need to clip the seam allowances, and the very tip of the corner is always nice and sharp".  


Try this method and let us know how it worked for you.



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Thank you I needed this

Wow...that is the best tip I have received in a while. I make a lot of pillows and always clip the corners but from now on I'll never clip another corner.





I have been sewing for 60+ years and have clipped corners all that time. Thank you for this tip....I definitely will try it.

This post will be wonderful for someone who learns best by SEEING it done.  But it won't benefit the person who learns best by reading or hearing something explained nearly so much as it does the visual learner.  That's a shame.  Even so, this post will be extremely helpful to a lot of learners.  Good going! 

Very useful tip. Thanks for sharing!

Sweet and simple. How about 'inside' corners rather than 'outside' corners ?


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