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How to shorten unlined jacket sleeves and make a cute pocket on a skirt

I found a cute 2-piece skirt suit at a thrift store the other day.  It still had the price tags from the original department store. I suspect they had to eat it because the skirt has a length-wise flaw in the fabric about 4 inches long mid-thigh.  It is covered by the jacket when standing straight but obviously that is not what working humans do. ;)

The skirt is fairly straight, with elastic waist in the back and a couple darts in the front.  The jacket has decorative embroidery and beads that are the same color as the material (both pieces are dark purple).  The embroidery and beads make a tall, slim wheat/flower design.

I thought that for $6, it was worth trying to fix it, since the original price was out of my league.  I would like to change it from long-sleeved to short or 3/4 length sleeves and use that fabric to make a skinny pocket or some sort of decoration to add to the skirt.  I think my sewing machine may have a flower/grass design that would blend in, but not actually match.

Now that I have it home and the reality of my beginner sewing skills have hit, I need some advice.  So, my first question is, when I shorten the sleeves, I measure up from the current cuff to my desired length, allowing for a hem, right?

Secondly, does anyone have suggestions for the pocket?  One lady who does alterations told me to make it appear to be a design feature rather than an afterthought/coverup.  That was why I did not want to go for the standard pocket size and shape.

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This may not answer your question entirely but may offer some tips.  Here is a free video about Correct Jacket Fitting.

Wow, sorry I'm a bit late to reply to this as it is almost a year old, but here goes.

A picture would help.  I find once I start taking something apart I forget how it looked to start with, and you really want the sleeve to end up the same but shorter.  I take it that it isn't lined?

Yes, assuming the hem was level to start with, mark where you want it to finish, then add the same hem allowance as before, then cut.  Finish the hem in the same way it was, unless you feel it could be improved upon ie by serging the raw edges or hand sewing if it was machined before.

Re a Pocket - a Patch pocket would be easiest, choosing something co-ordinating to line it would be good, piping could make it a feature, or an applique or more decorative embroidery/beading.  Difficult to suggest without knowing what you have already.

Of course it is probably done and worn to death by now - in which case a picture would be good.

I ripped a hold in the back of one of my favourite corduroy skirts.  I added an applique bunny in corduroy, and it got quite a few comments!

No one thought it was to hide a rip!


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