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Listen to and watch Denise Wild as she shows us how to use those huge pattern catalogs you see at the fabric store.

If you're new to commercial tissue patterns and sewing, you're probably wondering where to start at the fabric store if you want to buy a paper pattern. Most sewers usually need a pattern to follow, and to find one, head to your local fabric store and look through a pattern book or two.  Subscribe for more from sewing expert, TV host, author, magazine editor, and entrepreneur Denise Wild.  Free sewing tips, tricks, products, and how-to's!


Create Custom Garments.
Bring your designs to life with Jay Calderin in Making Fashion: Draw, Draft, and Sew!

Jay Calderin has been called a “a budding designer's best friend,” and in this class he’ll show you exactly what it takes to create and construct custom clothes. You’ll learn about:

  • Drawing and planning for clothing production
  • The stages of pattern making
  • Constructing and finishing garments

Jay will help you get started with smart drafting tips and offer insights on working with muslin so your patterns lay and drape properly.

If you want to produce one-of-a-kind garments, join Jay Calderin for a complete primer on getting started in Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew.

Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew with Jay Calderin

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