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I inherited numerous reels of polyester and cotton, and am looking to buy some new ones.  I have searched ebay and come across several shops selling multi - packs, which look great to me.

However, my question is, which should I use?

I'm mostly using cotton quilting fabric. 

Do I use polyester or cotton?

I'm told that polyester is suitable for stretchy fabrics as it has a slight stretch to it.

I've also seen rayon?  

Does anyone use this?  Whats it like?

All answers appreciated my friends,

all the best, judith

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I have a strict policy when it comes to thread; don't EVER buy the cheap stuff.  I sew mostly with cotton fabric for children's clothes and always use Gutterman cotton thread.  I made the mistake early on in my career to save some cash on cheaper thread and regretted it ever time I had to undo those horrible nests from my precious projects.  Hope this helps. 

Thank you Katherine, I appreciate your answer, I will remember that. 

I buy good fabric, so I should buy good thread, kinda makes sense, so I shall not buy the cheap offers I have seen and I'll be more choosy and select the colours I want in the better quality thread.

Thank you for your help,

all the best, judith

One thing my mother pounded into my head was never to use anything but the best thread I could afford.  I usually buy Guterman when it goes on sale.  I have had some luck with Coats Dual Duty.  If you can get the combo packs - you can get a decent deal.  I buy the biggest spool I can get of black and white regardless of the brand.

Thankyou Susan, another very, very helpful comment.  I will get the quality thread like you recommend.

Much appreciation, all the best, judith

The best tools usually produce the best product.  Gutermann is, hands down, the best thread for my projects.  Of course, depending on the project, the type of thread needs to match up.  Let's say you're making a dress for that sweetie of a daughter of yours...cotton fabrics, pretty trim....choose the Gutermann polyester or cotton.  They will stand up to the test when sweetie decides to get into mischief in her brand new dress.  These threads glide right through the machine without breaking and fraying.  If you are doing machine quilting, their cotton thread is perfect.  If you're making wedding gowns, now, here's where you want only the best thread for the job...Gutermann 50 weight cotton or 30 weight silk.   Swiss Mettler is a good substitute.  Coats and Clark is last ditch resort for me.  I wouldn't trust the cheap brands.  They fray, break, and clog up your machine.  I hope I've made a believer out of you, lol!  These other women seem to have the same thoughts.


Thanks Miss Charlotte, really appreciate your reply, thank you very much.  I have taken all advice on board, and bought some Gutermann from a local shop.  I wish you all the very best, happy sewing , judith


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