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Tutorials - Buttonholes, Seams, Zippers, Bias Binding & Tension

Just found these videos tonight. Thought they were quite good...especially the one on Buttonholes.

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where did you see them....

thanks :)

These were great - very informative and clearly shown. Thank you for sharing!
I wish I had a automatic buttonhole setting, you made the manual look easy but for some reason I have messed up more button h*** than I care to admit. Practice, Practice.
Re: Buttonholes

Remember one must consider the width AND height of the button to be used BEFORE one adds the 1/8" inch for the length of a button h***.

Also, if you select to open a buttonhole with a seam ripper, place a pin across the bar tacks to make sure you don't rip through the tack and ruin your project!
Click on the http:// website mentioned above.
Ahhhhhh, thank you! Buttonholes are still a mystery to me. Will check this out!


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