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What Is A Bobbin, How To Wind A Bobbin, and How To Load a Bobbin

In this free beginner sewing video, Kat from QuickNeed teaches you all about the vital sewing machine bobbin and you can learn how to wind and load your bobbin into your sewing machine correctly.

*If you have a front-loading sewing machine, as opposed to a top-loading machine, Dominica from Easy Sewing for Beginners offers a nice video tutorial that will teach you how to load your bobbin further down this page!

Easy Sewing for Beginners free sewing video tutorial shows you how to load your bobbin into a front-loading machine: 

More bobbin related content at SWN:

The bobbin is such an important part of sewing, and winding and loading a bobbin properly is crucial when sewing any project. Denise Wild demonstrates how to wind a bobbin properly and how to properly load it into a front-load sewing machine. Subscribe for more sewing tips, sewing products, and DIY how-tos!

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