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Does anyone have this pattern? I will pay postage. I'd be happy to trade.


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I'm after the children's pattern.
this one? (just for clarity for everyone else)

Thanks, nope not one of the few kids patterns I have
Just wanted to make sure it was loading. Thanks! :)
Thanks very much for supplying the picture! I tried to put in a link but I guess it didn't work.

This IS the pattern I'm looking for and I need it in size 1-4. Thanks.

i think i may have this let me check today and get back with you asap

Sorry. I have a lot of children's patterns but not that one.
I don't have that pattern, but I have had great luck finding a lot of patterns at the Goodwill here in town, next time I am there, I will check it out for you, what size do you need? Or any size will do? Thanks Carolyn H
I need the smallest size, 1-4. Thanks for looking!



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