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Hello everyone,
I am looking for simplicity or Khaliah Ali patterns plus sizes.

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Hi Ann,
Give me a couple of days and then I will have the time to go through my patterns and I will list them for you.

Have a Blessed Day
Mary-Anne Watson
Hi Mary-Ann,

Thank you for your email. I am looking forwards to this.
I have many of these patterns and I am sure I can part with some of them. I am looking for sewing supplies as a trade. I really need water soluable stabilizer or mostly I need interfacing material. I will look through my patterns (not an easy job) over the weekend and post what pattern numbers I have to trade. Is this OK? Send an email to me at fridayanne if you want to. (If it's allowed) I'm new to this internet blogging and groups. Laurie
Hi Fridayanne,
yes this is okey. what weight of interfacing do you want. please explain to me what is water soluable stabilizer?
Hi, Ann, I mailed 6 patterns to your fiend in Texas and I hope when she visits you in the West Indies that she is able to bring these to you. I had no idea that it takes so much money to ship to you. I can't believe that our dollar is equal to over $6 of yours. None have been cut. Don't send anything in return! Just enjoy them. Laurie Fowler


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