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Is there a place to buy a set of slopers?   Have you made your own from an exhisting pattern or done the measurements and drawn your own ?



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There is a website that sells slopers for everybody. I forgot the name but if you google "slopers" you will get there.

I've done it both ways - from an existing fitting pattern and drawn my own. I've made my own from measurements.  It's a great tool for designing garments for myself.

I am working on setting up my sewing room. First projects will be slopers.

Kip, are you wanting a sloper for yourself?  You can draft your own, based on your own measurements.  There are many books that tell you how to do this - most are texts from fashion design programs.  A lot of people I have talked to like Connie Crawford's book.  I have one called Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong but I have had problems with the instructions.  It's also very hard to take your own measurements accurately, so you should enlist a friend.

Another method that I have read about is to have someone saran wrap you, marking all the pertinent points - centre front, centre back, shoulder point etc.  Then you cut it off and cut it until the pieces are flat.  Here's a link to the blog  It's written by Kathleen Fasenella who is a professional production pattern maker.  There is LOTS of good stuff on this site about patternmaking.

If you are looking for blocks - i.e. the basic patterns you will use to produce a line of clothing from, you can get a pattern maker to draft them for you.  My understanding is that it generally costs a couple of thousand dollars.


I would be very careful about trying to buy slopers. Nature never makes the same shape twice of anything. It is not just a matter of circumference but also posture. That comment comes from teaching people how to make custom-fit patterns for almost 40 years now either through my in person classes (no longer), my book How to Make Sewing Patterns or my online Patternmaking Classes.

As someone noted Helen Armstrong's book is directed toward people wanting to work in the fashion industry as is Kathleen Fasenella's work. But there is a huge difference between these approaches to a generic shape and mine which is about an exact custom fit. My approach comes from my experience with costume design where, hopefully, every pattern is uniquely suited to both the shape of the wearer and the requirements of the design.


Don McCunn

The link I referenced to Fashion Incubator was to make a saran wrap bodice pattern for an individual, not a method of producing a generic sloper.  While Kathleen's site is geared primarily towards manufacturing, there is a lot of information that is valuable for home sewers as well, which is what I am.


I am glad you are finding Kathleen's writings helpful. She has been with my How to Make Sewing Pattern group almost since it began. Our two viewpoints sometimes differ but I think the people in the group benefit from getting different perspectives.


Don McCunn

Butterick 5746 or Vogue 1004 for standard pattern sized slopers.  Also check out Burda:

I downloaded the patternmaker 7 software.  It has various slopers where you input your measurements to get a pattern you can print out.  However, seems the website is down today.

You can purchase additional patterns, I used it only for the basic slopers though.

Thank you so much for all the information. I ve been looking over sites of and on all day.
And...I have already ordered your book Mr. McCunn. :)


Thanks for ordering. I have some Updates for my book on my blog. One change is for drafting the woman's front sloper. I hope you will consider joining my HMSP group where we have active and ongoing discussions on a variety of patternmaking issues. There are currently 2259 members and many of them are teachers, authors, and professional designers. It provides a lot of useful information. And I encourage people to bring in alternate techniques for doing things. I know I certainly have learned a lot.


Don McCunn

Thank you for the invitation, I ll be sure to look into it


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