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I was looking up one of my patterns on my computer and came across this one that you guys might like! haven't tried this one yet, but it looks to be pretty simple and super cute. You could easily add your own touches and details like ribbon or lace etc.... I picked it up somewhere on the web last year and thought it was such a great idea.
(It's a PDF and I think all I can do is attach the file)

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I could have used this 12 years ago when my 3-6 month old was wearing size TWO clothes because he was so broad (and fat). Nice tutorial and a huge money saver for certain. Thanks Birdie!
I wish I had known about it 12 years ago only my first was too small to fit in anything because he was a few weeks too early! *laugh*
What a great idea! Though I readily admit, my kids were never that fashionable as babies! LOL
Yeah, if we just wait until they're old enough to care about fashion, we'll actually have the money to buy fashionable clothes when it really counts, huh? We're just now hitting that stage with our 10 y.o. daughter. Our 13 year old son still doesn't care *whew*.
Great link! Not only the refashioning but when I try to purchase gowns for the grandbabies at major discount retailers, they are few and far between.
Birdie, I really love this idea, thanks for the pdf, Suzie.
I love this but clicked on the link and then went to the and cannot find the pattern:-(
Hmm....I didn't realize I had a link there. It's an attachment of a PDF file. Look for it up here under the post, under "attachments" : )
Sorry, I had a brain freeze. I meant that I downloaded the pdf file and at the bottom of it there was an address So I typed in the address and did get a blog but I can't find anything about this particular subject. I hope I find it because I'm getting my FIRST grandchild on Monday * c-section) and would love to make a few of these out of some t shirts my son loved from his high school days. When he got married and moved out last year there were some t shirts in an old dresser he never took and I know he has forgotten about them! How cool to have them made into little gowns for his new daughter!!
You wouldn't believe it but I actually had the pattern - woops! I forgot all about it. Here ya go *Sorry*


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