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Have you ever gone shopping and found the "almost" perfect shirt and everything fits very well except for the sleeves? Well here's an easy fix to that. If you have large sweatshirts laying around from your father or bf, you can use this technique to incorporate it to a cute dress. Hope you all enjoy!

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Perhaps instead of pleats at the wrist you cold taper the sleeve at the underarm seam.  Sweatshirt sleeves tend to be a bit bulky especially when you use a large size.  Tapering the sleves gives a custom look.  You could taper the sleeve and bind the bottom of the sleeve with your choice of embellishment and create a slit on the side (as in blouse)to have a Designer look

Great, easy video to follow along with - thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the informative tutorial. I'm sure many of us with short arms will appreciate your work in making it.


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