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On my old sewing machines (Elna Lotus as above, then a Riccar) I had a zipper foot with a single long toe, and the needle could fit to the right or left.  The long toe gave you a guide to keep sewing in a straight line parallel to the zipper.  It looked a lot like this one.

My present machine (Janome DC3050) has this short but wide single toe which I find singularly useless at keeping me a straight line!

So I bought a Universal Zipper Foot but my needle only just manages to miss hitting it once I tighten the screw up!  It fits perfectly if I don't tighten the screw.  It's not a single toe but at least it gives some help keeping me parallel to the zip.  In some cases I don't try to use a zipper foot at all, but use my normal/standard foot and move the needle to the left instead.  

When I made the Zip and Go bag I found that one side moved up one way, and the other moved in the opposite direction.  Only slight, but annoying, and I wished I could use my walking foot.  

I LOVE MY WALKING FOOT!  Since I started using it I only really take it off when I do applique, as I can't see through it well enough.  Unfortunately it is too wide to use for zippers.

The only new development I found that helped is the double sided 1/4" tape that doesn't gum up your needle (I use Prym Wonder Tape).  I use this on every zip now to stop the movement and have the bliss of no pins!

Zip and Go bag

Is it just me?

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I thought it was just me and since I have not put a zipper in for a while it must just be poor techinique. I  have taken more zippers out than I care to mention.  Thank you for the news and no it is not just you.   Hopefully this will finally get to an important someone who can help.   Mary anne Jupiter FL

I totally agree!  That "new" zipper foot is too flimsy and works like crap!  It's semi flexible and doesn't seem to stay put as well as the regular clip on.    

I have a Babylock with the same zipper foot.  The foot is attached on one side or the other and therefore is kind of loose - not a good set up.

Keep in mind, you have the ability to adjust the needle placement to left or right of center.  Use the width adjustment on your machine, but keep the needle in "straight stitch".  On your model machine it would be stitch A 02.  Give it a try :)  Or you may want to purchase this type of a zipper foot

Hi Kathleen

The needle is too far forward for the Universal zipper foot, so the width adjustment does not help.  It is perfect until you tighten up the screw which then moves it too close. 

I do use the A 02 setting with the general purpose foot in preference to the Janome Zipper Foot (which is the style I don't care for).

That generic foot looks just right, but the customer review says it did not fit her Janome!  Amazon UK do not have it though it is in e-bay, but from the States.

So I put 'narrow zipper foot' in the search engine and did find this one on Amazon uk....

It says 'should fit' but I think I will try it as it is only £3.61 and free shipping but 20-30 days to get here, so I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks for the help!


Wow Karen, you've come a long way with zippers! i recalled having read a blog about it, that totally proves your point and luckily I remembered it was by Nicole Mallalieu, so after some digging I was able to find it here:

Now I am going to admire your zip and go bag.

Thanks Carolien, I feel exonerated!  I especially like that Nicole says ..."You see this style of snap-on zipper foot...?"

"Not even I can put in a good zipper with it.  And I can put in a good zipper"

The new foot I ordered will take a while to arrive, I just hope it fits!


Girl, you already won your fight with zippers, the foot coming in will just make you a master! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Karen, I have an old Kenmore and it has that old zipper foot you have pictured first.  I've been thinking recently that I need to get a new zipper foot because it doesn't seem to stay tightened and is kinda wobbly these days.  Boy am I glad I saw your post.  This will help me in knowing what to look for and what not to get.  Thanks for posting on this. :)

It's here!  My new narrow zipper foot just arrived, and it fits my Janome DC3050!

I use my #02 stitch setting to move the needle to the left side....

and I can use the Stitch Width adjustment to move it to the Right!

I didn't know I could do that until Kathleen told me, and i just tried it out.

It was also Kathleen that pointed me in the direction of a narrow zipper foot on Amazon so,


It only cost £3.61 with free shipping, was despatched 2nd August and arrived today 12th August from China.  Bargain! Can't wait to try it out.

So happy you have your solution!

Happy stitching :)


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