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Very cute. Too cute for my cat. She'd tear it up.
my cats would never sleep in it, but it is very cute! They much prefer the couch. And my bed.
This is so cute. Not sure if my cats would sleep in it. They like our bed and the top of the kittie condo. I also put a blanket on top of our dresser and they take turns sleeping there.
How adorable. It would work for a smaller dog too if you didn't put the legs on it. My little cocker spaniel would probably love it. My cat would love it too.
Absolutely chic : )I found one that I though would be big enough for our Chihuahua but she spilled over the edges like a woman with a muffin top! It was too bad. She gave it a good go. I've looked for a bigger case since then but haven't found one. This is a great long as it doesn't close on them : )
The first thought that came to me was: How do you keep it from closing on your pet? Vintage could have weak springs or hinges and I would hate to permanently traumatize a cat or dog by having the lid snap shut on them. Cute idea but I would probably try to figure out a way to brace the lid open.
OMG this is so adorable. I immediately went to thrift store to find suitcases! I put "non skid" pads on the bottom of the legs. I also attached ribbbon from top to underside and up to keep the lid from closing. I have a Yorkie who loves sleeping in this (especially since I made the pillow out of bean bag stuffing!
that is so cool what a great idea ,to use those old suitcase ,s we all have at home just taking space ,wonderful idea i really would enjoy making some for my group of dogs i have 3 boys and 2 girls
I love it, and where or not Callie would lay in it, It should would be a converstion piece when family and friends visit.


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