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When your rotary cutting blades are too dull to cut fabric, put them away in a small box, all together and keep them to cut pattern paper if you prefer to use your rotary when cutting patterns out..  Usually a rotary cutter is much faster than scissors.

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I recently purchased the True Cut sharpener from Grace Company.  It works great, so far, I have only used it twice. It is quite loud in my opinion, so I got some ear plugs for next time.  Easy to use, plugs in, so no batteries to worry about. I just thought there had to be a way!

There are mats that sharpen your blade while you cut.  I don't have one.. they are more than I wanted to spend at the time for a mat.  But I bet it would be worth it.

I too have never been able to make that sharpener work. I do keep the old ones in a small platic container, hoping one day I'll hear of something that will work.

I am so happy to belong to these groups. One can gain so much from others,you know the "learning the curve". Thanks so much for starting all these new groups, your a genius for doing so.

Lheck7 Save a greyhound

I bought the true cut sharpener from Grace Company recently,  it came in Friday..  I'll be using it this coming week.  I can't wait.  Will let you all know. 


Mickie, did you try it yet?  I just might not be using it long enough, but put in a new blade, no comparison. The new blade cut like the fabric was butter.  It might be a nic on the blade too.

Anyway, hope you like it.

you know I have not had time to use it yet..  I've been so busy with family things I haven't had a chance to cut or sew anything.. I'm so bummed lol


This is a good suggestion. I have two rotary cutters - one I bought and one my friend gave me - with this idea I can designate one for my crafts and the other for my sewing. Thanks for the reminder!!


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