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Surperior Threads web site had a educational piece on needles and maintains that  top stitching needles in various sizes and round tip needles for knits are the only types of needles needed for all your sewing, be it clothing/accessory construction, embroidery or quilting.  I have been trying this top stitch needle for  a week on accessory construction and embroidery and it seems they are right.  Check out their education topics for great info.

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You mean I didn't have to buy those jeans needles and leather needles I just bought?? Man - bummer. Oh well, I'll still use I just need the ones for knits. I wonder what kind I need to sew on this oriental dress I'm about to make into a purse?? Maybe the one for knits.

Linda, I don't know about the leather needles, they may be different but the top stitching needles in the larger size would probably be fine for jeans.  Do take a look at Superior Threads web site.  They have great videos, even if you are a very experienced sewist you will probably find tidbits of interest.  Wish I had viewed that needle video a few years ago before I started collecting every kind of needle I might ever use for any project ever, then agonizing over which needle would be best for my project,  sharp?? universal?? embroidery?? metallic?? topstitching??


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