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  When my rotary  blade gets too dull to use for cutting fabric,

I use it for cutting rolls of wrapping paper for gifts.  I have

found it works excellent


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what a great idea - thanks!

great idea - I did something very similar in April. I was making a personalized notebook for a little boy's 5th birthday (yes, he does write, and very well!), and I needed to cut the cover to fit. That old blade did very well. I hadn't thought of the gift wrap though.

Can they be sharpened?? Seems such a waste if they cannot but I have never seen a way to have it done.

I purchased a sharpener at JoAnns and i have used it often.  However, after sharpening the blade 4 or 5 times the blade is no longer fit for fabric.  

Good idea


Iguess that would work, if I had two and remembered which one was dull or kept the dull one with the paper products.

nail polish dots???

Good idea Maryjo.  I keep a jar with used up needles, pins and blades for discard.  After reading your tip I fished out the rotary blades to save for future paper projects.  Waste not.


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