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hi my name is Mandy
every year i make a costume for my christmas photo.
some years they have been very basic, other years a little more complicated, but usually very cheap.

this year i want to try a corset and skirt, can anyone suggest a great corset making website, or pattern (the cheaper the better).
the skirt part is covered, i am a pattern making student and this year we are doing skirts skirts and more skirts

if anyone can help i would be really greatful.
kind regards
and keep sewing

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Try and they have a great list of web sources here: . Hope this helps.

Best regards,
I have used the custom corset pattern generator in Susan's bookmark with great success.
YAY!!!!! Thanks for letting us know!!!

How did it go for you Barbara?
There is a video for corset making on
Looks easy enough, but I havn't tried it.
I have made corsets using a pattern and they turned out really well.
Hope this helps.
Thanks Patty, im subscribed to their Youtube page, ill see if i can find it.


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