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Brown, gold and black were the decorating colors of choice 8 years ago.  Of late, however, they just seem dark.

The dark brown accent wall at the head of the bed seems almost cave-like.

So, I choose some beautiful damask wallpaper in a gold, brown and blue to cover the accent....only to discover it would cost more than a big screen TV!

I also discovered that the other occupant of the bedroom enjoys the cave-like feel.  He wanted the brown wall to remain.

So, off to the Stash to lighten the cave with fabrics.

The badly faded brown silk dupioni bedskirt was replaced with a lighter blue-green linen damask. 

Pleats were added to the corners to close those "bedskirt gaps" as the area under the bed is used for storage.  Tutorial for the bedskirt can be found at this Destashification Project post.

The existing pillow inserts were simply recovered in Stash fabrics.  Since there was to be no damask wallpaper, I could use damask fabrics.

The large euro square pillow covers were sewn with silk damask following this tutorial.

A polyester damask with gold dupioni piping covered the standard bed pillows and a counted cross stitch monogram was created for the small accent pillow.

All pillow fabrics were from The Stash.  Zippers for the pillows were reused from the brown pillows or were from the Zipper Stash.

The one expense I did splurge on was the matching embroidery thread for the monogram! 

A total of 76 cents!

More detail at this Destashification Project Post.

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