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I am hoping someone can help me with measurement to cover a foam cushion.  The cushion is 12" long and 10-1/2" wide and 1" thick. It will be a cushion for a high chair.   I do not want to add box panels or zipper but I do want to make box corners so the corners of the foam will be a perfect fit.  

Thanks to anyone who can help.



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When I do these, I cut the vinyl (or whatever it is you are covering the foam with) exactly the same size, or even 1/4" smaller, than the size of the foam.  In my case, my vinyl usually stretches over the foam just enough to create that nice taut fit over the foam. 

Is this a cushion that exist independently from the chair frame?  (It's been a while since I've had babies around LOL)  Does it velcro on to the base or?

I would like this seem to be in the middle of the 1 inch thickness and put box corners othank you for your responsen eat
sorry for this last reply my cell phone went insane

Do you mean the seam runs horizontally across the sides?  (If so, why?)  Wouldn't that seam interfere with your corner seams running vertically?  I think I am not visualizing correctly!  Sometimes I can be a little SLOW LOL!

It is an old wooden high chair given to me as a gift 35 years ago when i had my first child. The cushions are totally independant and will be attached with ties sewn into the cushion covers. I would like the seams to be in the middle of the 1" thickness of the foam. Thank you for your help.

Ok then cut the vinyl 1/2" extra on all sides.  

Just a suggestion....  but if I were making these, I would wimp out on the ties and sew velcro to the bottom, and staple the other side of the velcro to the high chair (or double sided tape) to attach the cushion.  LOL   The simpler the  better for me.  

When you are done, please post a photo!!!  :)

I will take a picture of the foam when I get home and see if maybe I can explain it better. I doubt I'm doing a very good job of trying to explain this. thank you for your very quick responses.
attaching the velcro is a great idea. Thank you.

Hi, so you have 28" to cover? Depending on the width of your fabric seems like that total would be 23" that would not be with any seam allowance you would need to add that so it looks like you could get by with  1yd with plenty of left overs.

hope this helps.


Thank you Jackie and Susan.  Everyone's suggestions were great.  I did finally finish and I ended up adding the 1/2" extra and it worked out very well.  Sewing the closing on my machine was a real pain because the foam kept trying to get in the way but I think they turned out really well.  Once again I want to thank you both and I do love this web site.


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