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June 2009 Blog Posts (27)

Sewing Tip: Raise Your Table Legs

To help prevent back aches, raise your cutting table up higher by placing tall cans like juice cans under each leg. This helps tremendously. If you want to permanently raise the legs of your table and the legs are tubular, you might try PVC pipe. Put caps on the ends of the pipe or use casters to keep the legs from marking the floor.

©2009 Marian Lewis - All Rights Reserved 1st Step To Sewing Success… Continue

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Sewing Tip: Steady Your Sewing and Overlock Machines


Use a square of cork sheeting under your overlock-serger or sewing machine to keep it from moving around when you sew. This is also good on the floor to keep your foot pedal from sliding around.

©2009 Marian Lewis - All Rights Reserved 1st Step To Sewing Success Marian Lewis is a sewing instructor and the creator of an amazing new fitting method for hard-to-fit sewing folks.… Continue

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Sewing Tip: Create A Cork Top Table

By Marian Lewis When you are sewing, rotary cutting mats are great for cutting with a rotary cutter. However, when you are cutting slippery fabrics, it is difficult to keep the fabric where you want it. Here is a sewing tip on how you can make your own non-slip cutting mat. Use cork sheeting as a non-slip cutting mat when you are sewing and cutting silky, slippery fabrics or anytime you are cutting with dressmaker shears. The fabric doesn't move around like it does on the rotary mat. Poke your… Continue

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Sewing Tips - Can I Mix And Match Sewing Pattern Pieces

By Marian Lewis When you sew, many times you want to change the design and have a different collar or sleeve on your garment. Most often, you will look for another sewing pattern that has all the features you are looking for and start the fitting, trial and error process all over again. You don't have to do that. You can mix and match sewing pattern pieces to create your own designs. When you know how to sew, you can have whatever you want on any garment. You are the designer. You can create… Continue

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African American Quilting History 101

By Laurel Harper

The history of African American quilting is a fascinating study. Quilting itself is believed to have been practiced as long ago as Ancient Egypt. Also somewhere in our past, quilted armor-type garments were worn by soldiers as they went to war. The form of quilting with which we are most familiar appeared perhaps sometime in the 15th century. It is quite possibly because of the need to keep warm in pre-electric, pre-gas homes that people began to take two layers of… Continue

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How to Make Tassels

By Jeff A Hardy A tassel, simply defined, is a dangling ornament made by laying parallel a bunch of cords or threads of even length and fastening them at one end. They can be seen everywhere- on handbags, belts, shoes, bracelets. They are, in fact, one of many significant arts and craft supplies used for decoration and style. Here is the simple technique for making basic tassel.

Materials Required Yarn: Approximately 32 yards is needed to create a 6 inch tassel. Thick yarns like… Continue

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A New Adventure

In the past I sold on Ebay did quite well actually, but w/ a move and surgery I stopped. After moving to Florida I decided to try and sell locally. It was a bad experience. Actually, I did quite well, but the owner of the shop decided it was a good idea to close and disappear with my things and owing me money. Stupid mistakes lesson learned. Anyway after 2 years of getting over being burnt I have ventured down that road again. Thank-you Piper for renewing my passion! I have an agreement with a… Continue

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