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September 2008 Blog Posts (11)

welcome to a world of pre-teen whimsy

I’ve been reading through
Old diaries of mine
As I’ve not much to do
It seems like a good time
To bring some order
To my keepsakes’ trove
And giggle at
These things I love

Ladies, did you scribble down your loves too?
Lads, yep, little girls are that silly

welcome to a world of pre-teen whimsy

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lalaini finds existence in the face of pain persistance

The days have been short

As the hours blend together

A depressing time of sorts

Still I hold on by a tether

An interesting little character

Has popped up in my head

I write and sketch to placate her

And ward off days of dread

The time you take to come and see

Means so very much to me

To connect to you in little ways

Helps keep me sane through darker days

And adds extra sparkle to the lighter ones…

My humble… Continue

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A Sewing Studio of One's Own – Plus a Good Sewing Lamp!

The expression, "A place for everything and everything in its place" is true when it comes to sewing. Having to set up sewing projects and then put them away every time you want to sew uses up much of your creative time. The room and the natural light you choose to illuminate your projects are also important factors. Natural light is suggested for all projects to make your work faster and to avoid eyestrain. An OttLite sewing lamp is the best one for the job.… Continue

Added by Susan on September 18, 2008 at 7:30am — 13 Comments

Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A New Sewing Machine

Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A New Sewing Machine

By Sean Dominey

Buying a sewing machine can be a daunting experience, as well as an exciting one, a little like buying a new car, remember you might be committing to spending a few hundred dollars and a sewing machine is something you are going to use a lot, you need to make sure that the one you spend your money on is really the right one for you. So how…


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a new member


I've stumbled across this site from petite plus patterns. I've been sewing about 40 years - since a wee child! If it's a craft, I've probably tried it. I cross stitch, embroider, do crewel work, needlepoint, knit, crochet and do beading. I'm also a fine artist. You can see some of my artwork at Right now, I'm getting ready for a craft show with my aprons and you can find some of them at

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the painkilling powers of pretty

Life has an evil tendency
To try to burn and batter me
But I’m not breaking easily

Sketching seems to have a way
Of entrancing me most of the day
When reality causes me to fray…

Trying to capture what I see
Is the painkilling power of pretty
So I let Holly inspire me…

This link is to a little sketch that wants to be a painting…

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thou ought be wary, the bc fairy

‘Twas a wintry Spring time day
When the time came for the clean
An urge beyond any reproach
To reveal a sparkly glean

I trembled inside, as I realised
I ought now to be wary
For she would come, that manic one
The bathroom cleaning fairy

Come and meet her here
I’m pretty amused and I’d love to know what you think….


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keeping jolly with a little holly

A couple of things

Keeping me happy & well

Including a trip

To The Corner Hotel

And a few friendly friends

Doing friendly friend things

Unhappiness mends

And allows healing to sing


I’m feeling friendly

So come say hi….or elbow…if you like the word elbow and for some reason would prefer to say that, please you feel might free to come on over to… Continue

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Modifying and partially re-drafting a pattern

I just finished modifying and partially re-drafting a pattern for a two-piece dance set, in 5 sizes. Wow, was that ever a lot of work with so many problems to solve. First, copying the original pattern in all 5 sizes. Then, deciding where to make changes, doing all the calculations (again, for 5 sizes). Finally, making sure everything matches...yikes, I admire people who do this from scratch! Hats off to you all.

Added by Carolyn de Leeuw on September 6, 2008 at 7:02pm — 4 Comments

Hi Everyone

My name is Jeanne and I live in Nw Florida. I've been quilting now for about 4 years and I'm also a beginner knitter. This is my first post. I'm interesting to see what everyone else has to share.

Added by Threading the Needle on September 3, 2008 at 1:24am — 2 Comments

therese & trudy eat fries

Understanding in silence
Smiles in the dark
Shared stargazing
A giggling spark

I saw some teenagers giggling
I got inspired
And a little nostalgic

Then this happened…..there were pens and ribbons involved

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