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Sewing Needle Guide - by DeLois C Weldon

Now that you have a sewing machine, we need to consider the needles that you may need to use. The manufacturers use a numbering system for their needles. They use a letter to categorize the needles, and fabrics, and are symbolized by the letter.



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Dusting Off the Sewing Machine



Sewing-machine sales are booming, with sales in the United States expected to top three million in 2012 according to SVP Worldwide, the maker of Singer sewing machines, up from 1.5 million a year more than a decade ago.  While some of the craze can be chalked up to the popularity of reality television shows like “Project Runway,” sewing…


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Truro clothing designer to open new fashion store on Inglis Place

I really love to hear about "locals" doing their thing, excelling, following their passions etc...  especially when it comes to being creative with needle and thread.  This particular story below, is what I consider inspiring.  Wanda MacInnes of Annebelle Design Apparel will be opening a shop in Truro, Nova Scotia.  



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Bagging & Hiding Fabric, Congrats to FabricMart for 35 Years in Business


I have five-to-six garbage bags' worth of fabric I am trying to hide.  I do mean hide.  Maybe I should box it up and label it "winter clothes and coats"?  Ideas?   Must be done NOW.  Help me please.


Have you seen…


Added by Susan on May 31, 2012 at 1:26pm — 10 Comments

Tension Settings | Why Tension Should Be Adjusted

Imagine walking into your house one day and in the middle of your living room is a brand new 60-inch plasma screen TV. Your husband just spent $3,000 on the biggest and best. And then he says, "This is the best ever! Great picture, stereo surround sound, and it gets only one channel all the time . . . ESPN!! Sports, all day every day." $3,000 for a one-channel TV…


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Sewing Escape - FAIL

So my better half is able to manage this week without me there and I was able to escape down the shore to my friend Cins place for a few days.  I brought my Elnita, and a car load of tools.  She tells me that her Kenmore 2 will not work and asked me to look at it. I re-threaded the top without any trouble and opened the door to the bobbin case, took the bobbin case out, and gave the thread a tug to see how much tension there was.  The thread snapped off...  sooo.... you know what that means.…


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New book shows how to be chic on a shoestring budget

By Emily Fredrix-Associated Press


Make flowers out of panty hose. A purse out of a tie. A necklace out of shoelaces.


Beautiful and inexpensive accessories abound if you know how to transform the everyday into the chic.


For do-it-yourself…


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Bobbin Tension: How and Why Tension is Adjusted

The Other 10%

We talk a lot about tension settings and tension adjustments on machines . 90% of the time, we adjust the top tension to achieve the perfect stitch. This time, we will discuss the other 10%, the bobbin tension. Many have been told to never touch the bobbin tension. It isn't as difficult as we have been led to believe. If you are one who has been told to never touch it, by the end of this page, hopefully you will realize that is perfectly safe and…


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"Sewing up a stylish storm"

Melissa Pretorius | 1st May 2012

SUNSHINE Coast fashion's new generation is sewing up a storm, determined to make its mark on the future of the designing world.

For many of its members, dreams of…


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"A goodie two shoes with plenty of soul"


29 Apr, 2012 02:00 AM

It started as a simple act of kindness.  Chrissy Kerin had been sewing cloth dolls as a hobby, as presents for family and friends.  But when she decided to offer a custom-made doll as a charity donation, things escalated rather…


Added by Susan on April 28, 2012 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

Why sewing is slow and expensive

by Kathleen Fasanella 

"Sewing itself is very fast so why does it take so long to get finished product out the door and why does it cost so much? As I mentioned in my book, you can have a…


Added by Susan on April 21, 2012 at 7:31pm — 2 Comments

Brocade Fabric Facts & Features

Swiss Couture Brocade Light Blue 54" Wide

Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven…


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Six Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Stream Iron - by Colleen Lea

Getting Hot And Bothered!

A steam iron is just a steam iron! Isn’t it?  The honest answer is NO!  A steam iron is just about as an important choice at the time of purchase, as it is when buying your sewing machine.  Both are composite and crucial in completing sewing projects to a high and professional standard.  If you’ve been a reader of Fashion Sewing…


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How to Use Vintage Embroidered Fabric Scraps for Embellishments

By DENA FISHBEIN - Scripps Howard News Service 

I'm always on the lookout for lovely bits of fabric, lace and embroidery when I'm at a flea market. I have a big linen closet that is no longer used for linens; it now houses all of my precious bits of fabric finds. I like to buy single napkins that are beautifully embroidered and dish towels…


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Lining a Jacket - A Tutorial

Many patterns feature jackets that don't have linings. But if you are used to wearing one with a lining, you will know the advantages. A lining covers up all the unsightly seams inside and eliminates the need to finish those seams. A lining helps the jacket keep its shape better. It provides more warmth if you need it. And, one of the nicest things, the lining makes the jacket slip on and off with ease over any item of…


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Machine Embroidered Jacket - Kwik Sew 2809

I don't have a fancy embroidery machine. I don't even have a new model machine. Most of my sewing is done on a 30-stitch Kenmore manual machine or on a semi-industrial Bernina that I purchased two years ago for production sewing.…


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Thread Education!

What would you say to someone who told you: "I love to watch TV but my TV only gets one channel so that's all I watch. I'd really like to watch other channels but the reception just isn't very good. I'm afraid if I adjust the antenna too much, I might break it."  

My response would be: "Are…


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Side Seam Pockets Sewing Lesson

Many patterns call for pockets that are sewn right into the side seam. If these are well-done, they lie flat against the body and don't break the line of the skirt or pants. But sometimes, these pockets stick out from the sides and the result is not so pleasing. How do we sew these guys in the best way possible?…


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Shirring Tutorial

Shirring is the process of sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin in order to elasticize…


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