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November 22, 2009

Here now.... haven't been for quite sometime!
School started again back in March, graduation is next month, and I sure do miss sewing! I've not made anything in quite awhile, have some ideas in my head, but nothing definite yet.
I want to start coming back around more. And intend to try...

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9 MArch 2009

Well, I did get my sewing room cleaned yesterday, in the midst of dd# 4 coming over to show off her new car.... a very nice one, really! And we are very proud! And gs playing and running through the house (a welcome sight and sound...). Of course, then having a clean sewing room made me want to sew. So I made these 4 butterflies on my embroidery machine.

My favorites are the blue one and the orange one..... I see the big red, yellow, green and… Continue

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March 8th, 2009

Good Sunday morning!

Yesterday was so lovely and breezy and warm, and now today we are expecting thundershowers again... but thundershowers are better than snow anytime! LOL!

I didn't get wash hung out yesterday like I wanted to, but I had worked the night before, and slept till 1pm! (I usually feel lazy the 1st day I am off!)

Hubby and I did get some grocery shopping done, so that makes me feel better. At least the cupboards are full again for the children… Continue

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Making a list.....

of things that family is (and others are) requesting for me to sew for them.

So far....

DD #1 has requested a scarf, hat and mittens in black

DD #2 has requested a scarf, hat and mittens in black or another color, some rice heat therapy bags for use with her massage therapy clients and a tote bag for her business.

SIL has requested some boxers "that don't fall apart as soon as you buy them like the ones from the store".

and I want to make for myself a fleece blanket,… Continue

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Well, i'ts finished for another year....

Christmas, that is.

Although, I do have to admit that I have already been contemplating as to what I can get started on for next year! LOL!

The blankets were a hit, from Grandpas to grandchildren, Mom had her apron on before it was completely unwrapped, and the girls tried on their scarves and hats, right here in the house! So, yea, Christmas gift giving was a success. We also baked bread and gave out fresh loaves and jars of homemade apple butter.

I have the best gift of… Continue

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Brrr.... Baby it's C-O-L-D outside!

As I sit and write, it's a bone chilling -1 degrees with a wind chill of -21 degrees!

I took our son to work with me, and now that we're home, he's having an attitude because the girls won DVD players each yesterday at a Christmas party. What his little pouty self doesn't realize, is that dh and I had already decided to go and buy him one of his own this AM after we drop them off at school. I know he's only 11, and just isn't thinking that as a possibility, but I get so irritated at his… Continue

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What do you do when you have....

one of the most beautiful grand daughters on earth and a bunch of "girly" fabric? Why, you make lots and lots of little girl clothes and accessories, that's what! Day 2 of "Sewing for Grandma's Calliou" This jumper has bloomers and a matching head band. The pockets look crooked in both pics, but they aren't really.... DH decided that his boss has to have a homemade blanket for Sunday's Christmas party. So now, in addition to working the wekend, guess who has to tie up another blanket before… Continue

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Finally finished up a Christmas exchange gift for work....

A little gal at work has talked about my purse I made for myself, and I decided to make her one for a gift exchange we're having. This was a different pattern, and i used the rest of the blue jean fabric from Abi's skirt, and the lining was from an old skirt that my oldest dd had torn the zipper out of when she was in high school (she's now 28... LOL!~ can you say "pack rat"?) but I really love how it turned out. I still need to find a closure for it, and get that on, but I just love it!… Continue

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It's Monday morning!!!

Yea! For me, that is.... I just worked my weekend, and now, MY free time begins! Well, sort of.

Today, I have to bake some bread, go to the store (I'm out of eggs), get the children's schoolwork papers together and in a binder for easy finding, balance the checkbook and finish up laundry.

Time for sewing? You bet! I'm crafting up some ideas for some snazzy pj pants for the other two littles, and maybe a pair for hubby for Christmas. I also have a purse to make for a gift… Continue

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Did a bit more sewing today....

Some pj pants for Amelia as a Christmas gift, and 2 skirts for Abigail for school..... wish I had more time, but I have to go to work tonight... Waaaaa!!!!!!!!! Do I HAVE to?????

I L-O-V-E these jammie pants... now watch... the 16 y/o will hate them, simply because I think they are so… Continue

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December 10, 2008

Today my baby girl turns 23.

Where did time go? As I sit here and type, my mind reminisces to her birth, the hard labor that resulted in nothing moving, then an xray that determined she had her shoulder in the birth canal and her arm over her head. Ended up having a C section.

Always did things her own way, that one.

We stayed in the hospital for 5 days together, her and I. She nursed and slept, and I was amazed at her beauty and her gentle tiny features and the… Continue

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Busy, busy, busy in my sewing room!!!

Last night, I decided to get cracking on some things that have been sadly lacking in there....

so I made a circle skirt for the oldest daughter (who, of course, doesn't like it... but what's new, eh?), and a tote bag for another daughter, hemmed some pants, made an impromptu pencil case, cut out another skirt, and the list goes on and on....

I slept 3 hours last night, so tonight, I'm pretty pooped. I still have to finish a skirt for tomorrow, and supper's waiting to be finished… Continue

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Worked yesterday on an apron...

for my Mom in law for Christmas! DH likes it, and so do I.. I only hope she does! She likes bright colors, and all I could find in my stash was a pretty old fashioned print (more my style), but I added some big red rickrack for accents, and used red buttons on the back.
Today, I am going to get Abby's skirt made. DH sharpened my scissors for me already this AM, so I had better get busy and see about this skirt today!

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Feeding my addiction.....

I went to JoAnn's yesterday, trying to contain myself (did fairly well too... bought what I went for!), ended up buying a pattern for skirts for the girls and a slacks and shirt pattern for our son.

We've decided to send them to a Christian school (after homeschooling for 2 years), and they will need "professional dress" as it states in the handbook.

I am going back to school myself in March and cannot think of any way possible to effectively teach the children while trying to learn… Continue

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Things I have been working on....

It appears I have been doing more crafting type things than actual sewing, but I made some gingerbread christmas ornaments and have made fleece blankets for grandchildren this year as gifts. I am working on an apron for my mom in law as a gift, and will post pics of that as soon as I quit arguing with it... LOL! I am… Continue

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