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I have never done the blog thing before but there is always a first time for everything. I collect vintage and antique linens, for the most part because they are so beautiful and then there are the rescue items, the pillowcase, sheet, dresser scarf or whatever that hasn't been taken care of but has the most wonderful embroidery or lace, crochet, etc. I have found some things for pennies and added to my collection. Oh yea and the clothing, I also collect vintage clothing, Victorian, Edwardian, 20's, 30's and so forth. I want to learn their sewing methods and it is fantastic. I have boxes and boxes of lace, some just an inch or two but I will find something to use it on someday. My favorite thing are the pillowcases, yea I know everyone is making the dresses and I don't blame them, they are simple and your imagination can run wild with them. I don't like to stop with the simple.

I would like to hear from folks about what they have done with them. I will post pics later on some of my creations but I would love to see just what people do with those wonderful hand me downs or purchases from thrift shops or antique shops, I can't stand to see these beautiful things stuffed in drawers or boxes never to see the light of day again. \

I feel the greatest gift to the seamstress of the pass is to learn from them, our methods are fast today and we can turn out things in a fraction of the time and they are very well made but to look over an item made a hundred years ago and see the workmanship and love that went into these things is well you know!

In some cases these women only received a few dollars for a dress that was so elaborate that we would pay top dollar for now.

My favorite piece and my first is a 1896 gown made for a women by a man who owed money to her husband as he was a lawer. I've never seen a most beautiful dress and I will try to recreate it at some point in my life. Anyway I would love to hear from anyone with this passion, and I hope I not the nut everyone in my family thinks I am.


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Comment by Debora McFearin as VintageNeedle on July 8, 2008 at 10:12pm
I know what you mean. I have sat and pondered over seams and little details in a gown that I own and wondered what the seamstress was thinking while he or she was making it. The gown I own had a small history with it that stated that the maker was a man who in 1896 made the gown for a wife of a lawyer whom he owed money to, it was his way of paying a debt. The lining was in shatters so I recreated in as close to the same color but of course I could not find the silk or rather afford it, I made the lining but it is not connected directly to the gown. I hope someday to locate something worthy to make it permanent. It still gives me goose bumps to look at it. I also collect turn of the century sewing instruction books, a necessity for young ladies of the times. Man I born in the wrong era!!
Comment by Caf on July 8, 2008 at 9:32pm
I love the detail and effort gone into old Victorian gowns...they are simply gorgeous!
Comment by Rosemary on May 13, 2008 at 5:47pm
Everyone likes to collect something,so no you are not a nut.I love the vintage laces and dresser scarves.Last year I came by some vintage linens which I really love and which had belonged to a distant relative which makes them more special.Vintage clothing also fascinates me but I just look at it as I really have nowhere to keep such things.When my youngest graduated high school I made her a 50's style evening gown.She loves it still and has worn it for performances a number of times.Keep collecting as long as you like.

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