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My legs hurt
Both of them
Stupid legs
I want control
Over that part of the brain
That controls
The bits that I don't
It's my brain
Damn it
I should be able to tell it what to do
I'm glad I re-enrolled
To study, study, study
Cause at least I can do that
With my legs up
I refuse to let my lack of creating
Hinder my blog
About creating
Cause it keeps me busy
So I stepped back in time
To show an old
I call her Candy
Hope you like

Check it out at Rellacafa

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Comment by alicia on August 7, 2008 at 12:35pm
If only we could control all of our areas of pain. THink of all that we could do or accomplish. I know for me I would get part of my life back. And be able to start a new chapter with my finacee. I want to be able to keep up with him, and i worry about it. But he is so understanding and supportive. He's a keeper!

What's hard are the illnesses that they say there is nothing they could do for you, or they are out of the medicine you need and you just have to grin and bare it somehow without losing your mind.

hugs, lish

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