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Hi everyone. I just started two new quilts. I love stars and with left over Thimbleberry fabric I'm making one with different color stars. So far I have 8 eight inch squares completed. I'll show a pic of it later. I'm not sure how I want to join the squares yet.

I also started a Christmas Quilt. I like working on a couple at the same time. Once in awhile it seems like nothing goes right while working on one of them so I change over to the other one. I'm pretty sure this happens to a lot of quilters.

My sister in law sold some knitted dish clothes for me too. So far I made what the yarn cost. Does that make sense? lol I really like the Christmas ones I have made.

Tonight the weather in nw Florida is suppose to be close to freezing. About 40 miles north of us they are expecing freezing temperature.

Right now I've been going to therapy for my right hip. I broke it 5 years ago and now my knee is out of alignment and its hard for me to walk around. I can go small distances but for shopping thats hard for me to do, especially if there isn't any wheelchairs. I try to avoid them at home because I know it wouldn't be good for me right now.

It's past midnight so I will close for all. Hope everyone has a wonderful night. Cya next time. Jeanne

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