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By Alison Cole

There are hundreds of sewing machines in the market, ranging in price from $150 to $6,000. It is no wonder so many people search for discount sewing machines. Some of the famous sewing machine manufacturers are Janome, Elna, Brother, Toyota and Singer. If you are looking for a discount sewing machine then the best thing to do is to shop around, many of the shops have discount sewing machines and many have cheap special offers and deals.

Usually, manufacturers promote their products through discounts. High-quality discount sewing machines can be purchased comfortably over the Internet. Discount sewing machines can be found at auctions, secondhand and online stores. Besides sizeable discounts, many of the online sewing machine sellers offer free shipping for purchase above a specified amount. has the best comparison and shopping information on discount sewing machines.

One can avail up to 70% discount from some of the popular online sites.

Buying factory reconditioned machines is a great way to get discount sewing machines. Factory reconditioned sewing machines are machines returned to the factory by customers due to various reasons. The defects could be original manufacturing defects or due to damages that occur in transit. These machines are then done up in the Factory to look like new ones. New machines come with a lot of accessories but the manufacturers usually do not give these accessories with the reconditioned machines. So before buying a factory reconditioned sewing machine, always read the instruction manual and any additional inserts to make sure that the machine comes with all its original accessories.

So when buying a discount sewing machine there are a few things to look out for, check out for standard features like the button sewing attachment, a tension dial, an auto bobbin winder, and a built in light, reverse sewing, variable speed foot control and a soft cover for storing the sewing machine.

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