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Well, I did get my sewing room cleaned yesterday, in the midst of dd# 4 coming over to show off her new car.... a very nice one, really! And we are very proud! And gs playing and running through the house (a welcome sight and sound...). Of course, then having a clean sewing room made me want to sew. So I made these 4 butterflies on my embroidery machine.

My favorites are the blue one and the orange one..... I see the big red, yellow, green and blue one on a granddaughters summer outfit in the near future! LOL! Never did get the curtains washed though, so that'll be added to the project for today which is our bedroom. I'll just throw both sets in together! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My school starts tomorrow, so I had better get on track with menus for this house! Children get hungry, so the crockpot is gonna be a hummin' away a few nights a week.... We're on the countdown to DD # 3 coming to visit with her family and staying for a week! YIPEE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, I'd best get busy for the day.... ~Blessings~

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Comment by Brenda Bernard on March 13, 2009 at 8:12am
Your butterfies are all beautiful. Cleaning the sewing room...yes its on my list also. I need to organize my fabric.
Comment by Alexia on March 12, 2009 at 10:16pm
Hello Julie, Good to see you online again. I love the Butterflies... my favorite creature(just ask my dear hubby). I like the blue one best.I've been working a lot and haven't really cleaned my sewing space yet. Maybe next week. Good luck on starting back to school.


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