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One of my dear friends, Amanda is also my hairdresser..... Thank goodness! She really is a miracle worker!

Amanda commissioned me to make a gift for one of her other friends, also named Rebecca. She had just delivered a baby boy she named Max. Amanda gave me just the commission I love getting......she said..., "His name is Max, I'm thinking light blue and with fluer de lis because his mom is from New Orleans." that's it ---- that's all the direction she gave me.... the rest was up to my creativity and imagination.

Yeah! I get creative license. Yipee!!!!

Max was born with Down's Syndrome and I wanted to show his mother that even things that are not perfect and normal are just as beautiful and special as those that are. That is why I decided to do the catywampus strip quilting on the cover of this Keepsake Box as a reminder of what beautiful and unique really is.

Well here it is: What do you think?

What's that? ..... what did you say..... What's in the box?

Oh! yeah... hhehehe

Check this out:

Max is all set to show off his daper young man duds.

Romper, Hat, Shoes, Bib, and Burp Pad all coordinated to match that precious keepsake box.

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