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It's cold today. I am keeping warm by running around the house gathering and packing. I am going to a "Girls Night" at my sister's...we are never to old for a slumber party!
It is always a fun time. I have been gathering projects, picking out fabrics, cutting strips and blocks. Preparing for a day-and-a-half of quilting and socializing. Later this afternoon I will fix a treat to share. There will be refreshments, treats and good company. I am taking projects to work on that need to get finished.

The first project that I started in my quilting experience was a pattern by Red Wagon called "Snowbound". My sister, Kathy, came home for Thanksgiving in 1996. She brought her first blocks of the pattern to work on. I was smittened. I ran out, bought the pattern, flannel material , started to trace out the appliques pattern pieces, and sew it together. We personalized the blocks to represent events in our lives. It didn't seem like a massive undertaking for a first project. I worked feverously on it. But alas, it's been thirteen years and I am still on the final appilques, which was a design element that I added to the original theme of the quilt. Unfortunately, I get distracted with new fabric, patterns and ideas. Hence, thirteen years later...I'm still working on it.
I am not embarassed by this story. It's not like I haven't done any thing since 1996. It's just a funny story because this is what happens...Life distracts us. I am taking this project with me to finish tonight.
I am also taking a new project to sew. It is for my granddaughter, using the fairy-pattern fabric that I posted on my page. It is a simple 2-block pattern with few pieces, so it should go together very quickly. It will be a productive time and relaxing.
Take are and sew.

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Comment by Jeri on March 20, 2009 at 11:36pm
I am NEVER to old for slumber parties!! :-) I have girlfriends come over we,order pizzas,chick flick,cheesecake,jammies,yummy special coffee for in the morn,good tunes,chatting,laughter...

Always a great time and sad when we have to get back to the "real world"!

I look to see the FINISHED QUILT PICS SOON!!!!

Comment by Susan on March 16, 2009 at 9:44pm
Don't you just love the slumber parties at our age? We have retreats we go on here twice a year. We stay in our jammies for 4 days and it's wonderful. We go to a place where all we have to do is sew and go to eat when they call us to come eat. No dirty dishes to clean, no husbands to feed, no clothes to wash nothing but pure heaven.

I hope it's warmer there this week. Hope you had fun at your sisters, did you get your projects finished. We want to see!!
Comment by Susan Griggs Peterman on March 15, 2009 at 9:13am
OH how wonderful...sisters to party with! Post a photo of your finished project. We know you have finished it. Right?

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