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A Fashionable Stitch + Trouser Sewing and Alterations

Image from Pants for Real People

Sunni of "A Fashionable Stitch" hosted a trouser Sew-Along.  Armed with the book Pants for Real People, they enjoyed a successful sew-along.  Using Burda Style Pattern #127   

Check out the posts at  A Fashionable Stitch and learn right along with everyone else while making some spiffy pants for yourself or someone you REALLY love.

More about alterations:

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Comment by Ags on May 1, 2013 at 9:13am

This is great.  I'm finding myself doing more alterations than I care to, and this diagram is worth it's weight in digital doubloons.  :)  Thanks for posting. 

Comment by Carol Fryer on April 10, 2013 at 11:10pm

I cant find pants that fit any more. jeans at Walmart are way too low in the waste and wide in the waist. Thank you for the help. I dont have time even though I know pretty much what to do. Take the waistbank apart in the back and put in a tuck in the band and the body. But Im afraid they refuse to make jeans anymore that dont show your bellybutton. That you just cant fix unless youre making them from scratch. Thank you for the help.

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