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After sewing together the sides of this drawstring bag and discovering one side was an inch longer than the other, I wondered if anyone had come up with the idea of a game show called something like "Wear My Dare." In this show, new sewists would show their latest projects, and more experienced sewists would guess what the projects were suppose to be -- or more importantly, how to correct the wrong turn the project had taken. In the beginning, the projects would be simple enough -- in the eyes of the skilled craftsfolk, anyway. The fiber artists would enjoy hearty laughter. As the show progressed, though, the program would assume a serious atmosphere, for the skilled sewists would discover they were competing for the sewing machine of their dreams -- this is to say, the sewing machine would have anything they could ever want in a machine. At the same time, while the new sewists' skills level would stay the same, the projects would become more complicated. Only one sewist survives this "Here is your pristine sewing/quilting/embroidery/whatever you can think of machine which would normally cost the price of Saturn, but  it cost you nothing" elimination round. In the final ordeal, the sweating sewist, who has outguessed the competition, faces the grand prize challenge round. If she wins, she gets aforementioned sewing machine in addition to a 300 dollar-shopping frenzy at her favorite fabric store. If she guesses incorrectly, she must wear the new sewist's creation about town -- for a year. In the face of such a challenge, the contestant more than often faints -- but before she crashes to the floor, she somehow manages to handcuff herself to the machine.

We Aries do have a bit of imagination, and don't mind a bit of an adventure -- as long as in the adventure, eventually we walk off with the grand prize, if by blind luck alone. According to some stargazers, patience is what we don't have -- except in the matters of l'amour, In a fit of rammy determination, I decided that I was not in the mood to rip away at the seam of this bag; I wanted to finish the project before the not altogether fun chore of cooking dinner began. And I didn't want to wait to find out if a local craft store sold drawstring either I had  hemp cord left over from a journal-making project that would have to do. The cord was much thinner than the casing of the bag, so that I used key tags in place of knots, Given my love of drawstring bags, this is not my last attempt at making a bag. Hopefully, my next bag will include a surface design by way of dye pots and thread.

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Comment by Sharon Maynard on March 1, 2016 at 4:11pm

When you finish that nightie, snap a picture of it! I want to learn how to sew sleepwear, and eventually, I want to learn how to make pajamas -- maybe a matching top and calf-length bloomers for pajamas.

Comment by Karen on February 29, 2016 at 2:47pm
LOL! Thanks for making me laugh, my first muslin for my planned nightie falls off my shoulders and sags across my front. I needed to walk away and think about something else and this was just the ticket!

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